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We are organising an event! Runway Sunday

Last year we sponsored the London to Paris bike ride which was raising money for the St Elizabeth Hospice. This year we have upped the ante and are organising our own event for families.

Again it has a cycling theme, but this time we have added in Scooters and Skateboards and a runway.

With a Massive, Massive thanks to Bentwaters Parks we are able to offer people the chance to ride, scoot or skate on the runway at Bentwaters, Rendlesham. A unique experience.

Normal sportive, charity rides are set over 25 miles, 50 miles or 100 miles. Great for cycling enthusiasts but less inclusive for the broader family. Welcome to Runway Sunday - with a 2.3 mile circuit or a flat 1 mile length this is a perfect, safe location for the family. Book your place at this fun event as soon as you can. Visit www.runwaysunday.co.uk for all the details.

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