Colourchange UPVC colouring facilities

A large spray booth for colouring UPVC and aluminium products

Coloured windows
Aluminium being painted
UPVC ready to paint
Painting bi-folds
Preparation ready to colour doors
Spray booth cleaned for next job

If you are looking for coloured windows, a different coloured door or for a conservatory in you favourite colour we have a range of products for you.

Using our unique process we apply paint bonding technology to colour all UPVC and aluminium products. This leaves you with your products in your perfect shade. A unique look to enhance your home. Guaranteed for 10 years, the finish will not crack, blister, fade and it is extremely hard wearing.

Contact us today if you are looking for coloured windows, a new front door or a coloured conservatory.

2018 spray booth installation and commissioning 

Our spray booth was installed at the end of 2017 and was commissioned fully over the Christmas and New Year period. This investment was in recognition of the increase in demand for coloured UPVC and coloured aluminium products. The old booth served us faithfully for many years but advances in technology allowed us to install a new system which would enable us to harden the paint far quicker. This gives us the ability to offer trade customers a much quicker turnaround time for when they have an urgent need for coloured items.

We worked with the local business community to find the best way forward with this project and were delighted to receive funding from New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership which is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund.