How we colour your windows and doors

If you take a can of paint spray and colour your windows the initial effect should look good. However, UPVC is a very poor surface for painting and very soon you are likely to suffer from flaking paint. A few extra hot days or cold days will see your UPVC expand and contract but the paint layer is not likely to do so at the same rate causing cracking and then flaking.

With many years of experience behind us we have devised a way to bond the paint with the UPVC, this creates an incredible hard wearing surface that will take all weather conditions.


Colouring or painting windows

To achieve the perfect finish we start by stripping the window and door back to the component parts. 

Changing the colour of windows

Beads, hinges, locks, glass are all removed to enable us to apply the correct processes to all visible areas


Stripping down windows

Once all the non painted surfaces are removed we then prepare the surface for paint. 


Windows and doors prepared for painting

Every part is rubbed down and treated with chemicals.


Painting UPVC doors

If different colours are applied to each side the non painted areas are masked up. In the paint room the frames are again treated to create a surface that enables the paint to bond.


UPVC paint spraying

The surfaces then have paint sprayed on them which has a chemical reaction with the UPVC that when hardens bonds the colour into the frame.


Coloured UPVC windows

Once painted the frames are left to dry and harden


Coloured UPVC windows and doors

The frames are then reconstructed and ready for installation